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Adding the power of social media to your marketing.

Many small businesses proprietors know that their achievement can hinge largely on the support connected with loyal customers as well as the local group. Traditionally, small companies attracted shoppers through word of mouth and simply by excelling inside satisfaction and service. Although today”s business climate features changed, this principles nonetheless hold correct. With the employment of social advertising, effective promoting, and clean web site design, small companies can participate new purchaser bases and create their unique markets.

Social media is amongst the most potent tools that a company owner can utilize. Connecting using users is an essential component to the achievement of any organization with an online presence. Businesses that will establish interactions and create dialogues using their customers enjoy higher product sales rates plus more unique visitors, as customers link to their web pages and spread the saying. These connections also can help in order to foster trust with all the customer, which makes him or her more likely an extra chance again to get a repeat purchase.

Many small businesses proprietors also use the power of social media in their particular marketing techniques. Offering discounts in a very post with a social multilevel can bring in new consumers. These shoppers effectively supply endorsements in order to other consumers. Additionally, many companies market while using SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO means the exercise of optimizing an online site to receive a higher ranking searching engines. When a site incorporates a top web site ranking, it looks within a number of the first results that your customer views when in search of a particular term.

So as to improve promoting through web site rankings, many companies use neighborhood SEO to obtain higher ends up with their area. For case in point, a real estate property company inside Boston could use SEO so that you can improve their particular page ranking with the business as well as the area. It will help customers in search of local business to discover services nearest for them. Next, the Boston real estate property company might also use effective web site design to additionally optimize their particular page. With a mixture of clean encoding and appropriate keyword density, search engines are able to better discover a site”s meaning.

Small companies that target improving their particular outreach through these techniques develop the power in order to expand significantly. By emphasizing the incorporation connected with community proposal, attracting new clients with SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, and improving page search positions through fresh design and programming, companies will acquire more exclusive visits and opportunities in order to convert product sales.


Content- The key to effective social media marketing


Everybody knows that social media is going to be a key part of a marketing strategy for 2014. But a question remains in many minds…..What is good content?

Posting irrelevant or bad content can be detrimental to a companies online reputation. EVERYTHING you post is a reflection on you and your business. So finding quality content that interests your audience is key.

Content should meet 3 key criteria to be considered good content:

  1. Is it new? — Posting information that is outdated only shows you are behind in your industry. Being viewed as someone behind in knowledge will leave people wondering if you are qualified.
  2. Is it relevant? — Relevant does not just mean to you or your business. It means to your target audience. It should be information that will be helpful and/or interests them….not you.
  3. Is it good quality? — Just because the title of what you are sharing means it is good. READ it before you post it. Someone else’s bad article can reflect on you.

Taking the time to make sure your content meets this criteria will benefit your efforts greatly. You want to be viewed as someone who is up to date on your industry, understands the needs of your customers, and provides quality information for them.

Written by: Domenic Marchetti, Owner

Social Media Is The New Word Of Mouth

Word Of Mouth Is Changing


20 years ago, the best way to get your business known was to get people talking about. Customers would share their experiences with their friends and family, both positive and negative. It is the same today, except it is through Tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram pictures, etc.

60% of consumers says the integration of social media makes them more likely to share products and services. 60%!! That is A LOT of advertising.

Just check out some of these usage stats from

  • 72% of all internet users are now active on social media
  • 18-29 year olds have an 89% usage
  • The 30-49 bracket sits at 72%
  • 60 percent of 50 to 60 year olds are active on social media
  • In the 65 plus bracket, 43% are using social media
  • Time spent on Facebook per hour spent online by country. Here are the top three. USA citizens get the top gong at 16% followed by the Aussies at 14 minutes and the Brits at 13 minutes.
  • 71% of users access social media from a mobile device.

With all this in mind, if you are not using social media to help promote your business, you are loosing out. Now is the time to add social media to your marketing strategy or review how effective your current social media is working for you.

Written by: Domenic Marchetti, Owner

We all have done it. Sat down in front of the computer, signed on to our social media manager or accounts, and then stared at the screen trying to figure out what to post. When it comes to social media, posting nothing is actually posting poor content.

Know Your Target Audience

This is crucial to any social media content. If what you are posting does not interest your target audience, then it will not gather any interest. Follow what is trending in your industry, pay attention to the latest news, and listen to what your customers are talking about.

Be sure to sign up for Google News alerts on key terms. You will get an email every time a new article is posted and being the one of the first to share this information will show you are on top of your game.

Use A Meme

This may not work for everybody or on all social media. But not much spreads faster than a cleaver Meme. This will help get your message across with a bit of humor included. Just do not overdo it, you don’t want to seem like all you do all day is make funny pictures.

Share What Others Are Saying

Especially some of your customers or clients. Sharing important information that others write about show that you not only pay attention to your business network, but you care enough to share that information with others.

Set Yourself Apart

Try to find unique content that others may not be sharing. Talk about popular topics for a different perspective. Or find a unique way to get your message across. You do not want to blend in with everything else flying around the internet, you want to stand out.

Ask Questions

Ask your customers questions with your social media.

Interact With Your Followers

People LOVE to voice their opinions. Especially when they are online. Use this to your advantage! Ask what improvements people would like to see or what products should be included in your store. This interaction is a great insight to what is important to your customers.

Many people view social media as a way to directly generate sales. But in reality, it is an indirect way. Use social media to show people that you know your business, establish a level of trust. Use it to learn what your customers are looking for in a product or service. And most important, REWARD them by offering special deals that are only offered to those that do follow your social media. Let these people know you appreciate them for following you.

This will help set you apart and let people know you are the right choice for their needs.

Written by: Domenic Marchetti, Owner

Lots of social media, but which is the right ones?

Everyone agrees that social media is a growing platform for sharing your brand. But there is a lot of platforms to choose from, which is the right ones? Or do you use all of them?

Being a small business owner usually means you wear multiple hats. CEO, COO, Chief Marketing Officer, etc. Finding the time to manage a social media marketing campaign can be challenging due to not having the time to do it. Understanding it all can be even more confusing.

But marketing using social media needs to be viewed like any other marketing avenue. You need to understand your target audience. Chances are the people your trying to reach is not using all the platforms. They are using certain ones cause they meet their needs. That is where you need to be focusing your efforts.

Take Pinterest for example. Women are 5 times more likely to use it (statistic from So if your trying to reach a mainly male demographic, then Pinterest isn’t right for you.

Here are some tips on developing a social media strategy that will work for you.

  1. Know what social media platforms your ideal customers are using.
  2. Know what type of content they are reading.
  3. Know how they are interacting with each other (Tweets, Pictures, Videos, etc.)
  4. Know what times of the day they are using social media.

Understand these 4 points will help you maximize your reach while minimizing the amount of time you spend building your social media presence.

Written by: Domenic Marchetti, Owner

SnoOwl - Connecting Businesses With Customers

SnoOwl – Connecting Businesses With Customers

The first app I would like to mention is SnoOwl. SnoOwl has it’s headquarters in Fall River, MA. I first heard about SnoOwl at a Network After Work  Providence event. The basis behind the idea is rather unique. It brings local based advertising to a whole new dimension.  You can send a “Hoot” out to customers who have downloaded the application with special offers, general information, or product updates.

From the About Page of SnoOwl:

“SnoOwl is a social information network that connects users and businesses, services and products. SnoOwl allows businesses to send out hoots. Each hoot is 500 characters long and may include information about the business, products, and services. Businesses may also include photos, videos, links, coupons, and almost anything else they would like. “

Personally, I think SnoOwl will be a strong contender in the use of mobile technology to deliver content to a business’s target market.

SWIRL - In Store Mobile Marketing

SWIRL – In Store Mobile Marketing

SWIRL brings mobile marketing into your store. SWIRL is based in Boston, MA and is founded by Hilmi Ozguc. SWIRL works on micro-based technology that helps to improve a customers experience while inside a retail shop. By placing beacons that are powered by Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy Technology in various locations inside the store, you are able to deliver content right to a shoppers mobile phone.

From the About page of SWIRL:

“Swirl Networks, Inc is a technology company that is helping retailers leverage the power of mobile to attract and influence consumers while they shop in retail stores. Top retailers such as Timberland, Kenneth Cole, and Alex and Ani use Swirl’s mobile marketing platform and patent-pending micro-location technology to increase store traffic, shopper engagement and sales conversion. As a member of the Bluetooth® Special Interest Group and a contributor to its Direction Finding Working Group, Swirl is helping to shape the future of indoor location marketing by defining industry standards and specifications for Bluetooth® micro-location services. The company is led by an accomplished management team and backed by top-tier investors including Hearst Ventures, Softbank Capital, Longworth Venture Partners andGeneral Catalyst Partners.”

With SWIRL, you have greater control over the experience you provide to your customers, the ability to offer “preferred specials”, and more.

Both of these applications bring a new angle to mobile marketing and both should be watched carefully in the upcoming year.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media – The Future of Marketing

As more and more people start using social media to discover new things, share their lives (including products/services they like), and to search for special deals; the importance of having a social media presence for your business is at an all time high.

The problem with social media marketing, it can be confusing to understand. Common questions are:

  • Which ones do I use?
  • How do I find the right content?
  • How can I tell if it is working?
  • Can I do this on my own?

It can seem like an overwhelming task to take on, especially when you do not have the budget to hire someone to handle it for you. But, having someone assist you in determining what social networks to use and how to use them can be affordable.

That is where our goal lies. Providing that assistance to get onto the social media train without having to pay for a full-service agency.

We will help you to understand how social media works, how to find the right content, and how to monitor your results.

For more information on why social media is important:

2 Big Reasons To Use Social Media In 2014

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

2014 – the year of changes in social media

2014 is going to be a new year for social media marketing. There is an on-going shift in what works and what don’t. This year it will be all about being social-able, being local, and being mobile.

The shift has already started but the early predictions show that it will weigh even more heavily in 2014. The move to mobile is something that we see all around us. Even without looking at the statistics, we see it every day. How often do you see with their eyes on their mobile devices? Are your ad campaigns directed toward them? If not, why not?

What does all this mean for you?

To stay competitive both with local companies and the big brands, you need to update your marketing strategy. Especially if your target demographic is of the younger (less than 55 years young) crowd. They are spending less time watching TV or reading newspapers and more time online. 

But you can not just pick a social network or two and expect it to work. It is about finding what is best for you and your brand. Just like you did your research for your past marketing plans, you need to do your research for your social media strategy. 


A great tool to understand your social media influence.

Klout, a social media reputation score, was created in late 2009. Klout is quickly becoming the world’s default authority for assessing your social influence. 

As many of you know,  all consumers were not created equal. Some have a longer reach with a more powerful network than others. With that in mind, marketers have been looking for a way to figure out which of their social media platforms need more engagement than the others. 

Whether you like it or not, it’s in the best interest of your business to prioritize social media to have a greater impact on the public perception of your product or service. The severity of not utilizing social media to connect with your target market can be detrimental to your bottom-line. In addition, loyalty to the brand are certainly among other the other factors needed to have a successful business, but social influence is a powerful factor that all business owners need to take into account.

For an example, read this statistic from this NM Incite’s State of Social Customer Service 2012 Report: 71% of those who experience positive social customer care are likely to recommend that brand to others, compared to just 19% of customers that don’t get a response.

It is an ambitious task that Klout CEO Joe Fernandez and his team of designers have undertaken: assigning a score to every individual on the social web based on their ability to influence others.

Even though their algorithm is not perfect, considering how quickly the social media landscape changes, it is still a great tool to be used. And as time goes on Klout will have the time to refine their algorithm, making improvements to the end result.

Klout scores can be a valuable resource for any organization, both large and small. Regardless if your in the marketing industry, retail industry or even restaurant industry, the influence of your social media can have a dramatic impact on the perception of your business by consumers and ultimately, your bottom-line. 

4 Important New Year Resolutions For Your Business

4 Important New Year Resolutions For Your Business

Sticking to a set of New Year’s resolutions is a great way to get your business back on track. Many of us are guilty of starting projects and never finishing them. Or putting off important tasks to make room for completing actual work.  To help you get back on the path towards business success, here are 4 resolutions to keep in 2014.

1. Complete that legal paperwork.

A major point for any small business owner. Chances are there is un-filled LLC forms, EIN applications (which can be done online here), or other legal paperwork sitting in your To Do box. A lot of the small business owners are really excited about finally forming an LLC or getting their business its own EIN number, then get intimated by the process. But forming a LLC helps surround your business, you and your personal assets with an added level of protection. Should  you decide to hire employees, an EIN number will be needed.

2. Figure out your Return On Investment.

Every year or so, it is important to go over how you are handling the major operations of your business. By re-analyzing this key factor, you can figure out what tasks can be updated to increase your return on investment. Look for better ways to market your business or equipment that fails frequently. Replacing older equipment may take a large initial investment, but can save you money over the long term on repair bills.

Social Media Is Your Friend In Marketing

Social Media Is Your Friend In Marketing

3. Make social media your friend.

Having a well balanced social media presence is going to be key in 2014. Find out which social media platforms your customers are using and focus on building those platforms. Social sites like Google+, Tumblr, and Pinterest are gaining popularity. Just remember that it takes time to build a quality social following, so don’t just put up a few posts and expect to be an overnight Pinterest success.

4. Give your website a make-over.

Review the look of your website. Is it presenting the image that you want your potential customers to see? If not, then consider giving your site a make-over. More importantly, make sure you have a mobile version of your site available. Over 60% of mobile consumers make a purchase via their smartphone.

Many of us fail to follow through on our personal resolutions, but by following these 4 business resolutions you can make 2014 the year of success!