Content- The key to effective social media marketing


Everybody knows that social media is going to be a key part of a marketing strategy for 2014. But a question remains in many minds…..What is good content?

Posting irrelevant or bad content can be detrimental to a companies online reputation. EVERYTHING you post is a reflection on you and your business. So finding quality content that interests your audience is key.

Content should meet 3 key criteria to be considered good content:

  1. Is it new? — Posting information that is outdated only shows you are behind in your industry. Being viewed as someone behind in knowledge will leave people wondering if you are qualified.
  2. Is it relevant? — Relevant does not just mean to you or your business. It means to your target audience. It should be information that will be helpful and/or interests them….not you.
  3. Is it good quality? — Just because the title of what you are sharing means it is good. READ it before you post it. Someone else’s bad article can reflect on you.

Taking the time to make sure your content meets this criteria will benefit your efforts greatly. You want to be viewed as someone who is up to date on your industry, understands the needs of your customers, and provides quality information for them.

Written by: Domenic Marchetti, Owner


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