We all have done it. Sat down in front of the computer, signed on to our social media manager or accounts, and then stared at the screen trying to figure out what to post. When it comes to social media, posting nothing is actually posting poor content.

Know Your Target Audience

This is crucial to any social media content. If what you are posting does not interest your target audience, then it will not gather any interest. Follow what is trending in your industry, pay attention to the latest news, and listen to what your customers are talking about.

Be sure to sign up for Google News alerts on key terms. You will get an email every time a new article is posted and being the one of the first to share this information will show you are on top of your game.

Use A Meme

This may not work for everybody or on all social media. But not much spreads faster than a cleaver Meme. This will help get your message across with a bit of humor included. Just do not overdo it, you don’t want to seem like all you do all day is make funny pictures.

Share What Others Are Saying

Especially some of your customers or clients. Sharing important information that others write about show that you not only pay attention to your business network, but you care enough to share that information with others.

Set Yourself Apart

Try to find unique content that others may not be sharing. Talk about popular topics for a different perspective. Or find a unique way to get your message across. You do not want to blend in with everything else flying around the internet, you want to stand out.

Ask Questions

Ask your customers questions with your social media.

Interact With Your Followers

People LOVE to voice their opinions. Especially when they are online. Use this to your advantage! Ask what improvements people would like to see or what products should be included in your store. This interaction is a great insight to what is important to your customers.

Many people view social media as a way to directly generate sales. But in reality, it is an indirect way. Use social media to show people that you know your business, establish a level of trust. Use it to learn what your customers are looking for in a product or service. And most important, REWARD them by offering special deals that are only offered to those that do follow your social media. Let these people know you appreciate them for following you.

This will help set you apart and let people know you are the right choice for their needs.

Written by: Domenic Marchetti, Owner


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