Lots of social media, but which is the right ones?

Everyone agrees that social media is a growing platform for sharing your brand. But there is a lot of platforms to choose from, which is the right ones? Or do you use all of them?

Being a small business owner usually means you wear multiple hats. CEO, COO, Chief Marketing Officer, etc. Finding the time to manage a social media marketing campaign can be challenging due to not having the time to do it. Understanding it all can be even more confusing.

But marketing using social media needs to be viewed like any other marketing avenue. You need to understand your target audience. Chances are the people your trying to reach is not using all the platforms. They are using certain ones cause they meet their needs. That is where you need to be focusing your efforts.

Take Pinterest for example. Women are 5 times more likely to use it (statistic from Mediabistro.com). So if your trying to reach a mainly male demographic, then Pinterest isn’t right for you.

Here are some tips on developing a social media strategy that will work for you.

  1. Know what social media platforms your ideal customers are using.
  2. Know what type of content they are reading.
  3. Know how they are interacting with each other (Tweets, Pictures, Videos, etc.)
  4. Know what times of the day they are using social media.

Understand these 4 points will help you maximize your reach while minimizing the amount of time you spend building your social media presence.

Written by: Domenic Marchetti, Owner


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