SnoOwl - Connecting Businesses With Customers

SnoOwl – Connecting Businesses With Customers

The first app I would like to mention is SnoOwl. SnoOwl has it’s headquarters in Fall River, MA. I first heard about SnoOwl at a Network After Work  Providence event. The basis behind the idea is rather unique. It brings local based advertising to a whole new dimension.  You can send a “Hoot” out to customers who have downloaded the application with special offers, general information, or product updates.

From the About Page of SnoOwl:

“SnoOwl is a social information network that connects users and businesses, services and products. SnoOwl allows businesses to send out hoots. Each hoot is 500 characters long and may include information about the business, products, and services. Businesses may also include photos, videos, links, coupons, and almost anything else they would like. “

Personally, I think SnoOwl will be a strong contender in the use of mobile technology to deliver content to a business’s target market.

SWIRL - In Store Mobile Marketing

SWIRL – In Store Mobile Marketing

SWIRL brings mobile marketing into your store. SWIRL is based in Boston, MA and is founded by Hilmi Ozguc. SWIRL works on micro-based technology that helps to improve a customers experience while inside a retail shop. By placing beacons that are powered by Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy Technology in various locations inside the store, you are able to deliver content right to a shoppers mobile phone.

From the About page of SWIRL:

“Swirl Networks, Inc is a technology company that is helping retailers leverage the power of mobile to attract and influence consumers while they shop in retail stores. Top retailers such as Timberland, Kenneth Cole, and Alex and Ani use Swirl’s mobile marketing platform and patent-pending micro-location technology to increase store traffic, shopper engagement and sales conversion. As a member of the Bluetooth® Special Interest Group and a contributor to its Direction Finding Working Group, Swirl is helping to shape the future of indoor location marketing by defining industry standards and specifications for Bluetooth® micro-location services. The company is led by an accomplished management team and backed by top-tier investors including Hearst Ventures, Softbank Capital, Longworth Venture Partners andGeneral Catalyst Partners.”

With SWIRL, you have greater control over the experience you provide to your customers, the ability to offer “preferred specials”, and more.

Both of these applications bring a new angle to mobile marketing and both should be watched carefully in the upcoming year.

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