Social Media Marketing for Small Business

2014 – the year of changes in social media

2014 is going to be a new year for social media marketing. There is an on-going shift in what works and what don’t. This year it will be all about being social-able, being local, and being mobile.

The shift has already started but the early predictions show that it will weigh even more heavily in 2014. The move to mobile is something that we see all around us. Even without looking at the statistics, we see it every day. How often do you see with their eyes on their mobile devices? Are your ad campaigns directed toward them? If not, why not?

What does all this mean for you?

To stay competitive both with local companies and the big brands, you need to update your marketing strategy. Especially if your target demographic is of the younger (less than 55 years young) crowd. They are spending less time watching TV or reading newspapers and more time online. 

But you can not just pick a social network or two and expect it to work. It is about finding what is best for you and your brand. Just like you did your research for your past marketing plans, you need to do your research for your social media strategy. 

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