4 Important New Year Resolutions For Your Business

4 Important New Year Resolutions For Your Business

Sticking to a set of New Year’s resolutions is a great way to get your business back on track. Many of us are guilty of starting projects and never finishing them. Or putting off important tasks to make room for completing actual work.  To help you get back on the path towards business success, here are 4 resolutions to keep in 2014.

1. Complete that legal paperwork.

A major point for any small business owner. Chances are there is un-filled LLC forms, EIN applications (which can be done online here), or other legal paperwork sitting in your To Do box. A lot of the small business owners are really excited about finally forming an LLC or getting their business its own EIN number, then get intimated by the process. But forming a LLC helps surround your business, you and your personal assets with an added level of protection. Should  you decide to hire employees, an EIN number will be needed.

2. Figure out your Return On Investment.

Every year or so, it is important to go over how you are handling the major operations of your business. By re-analyzing this key factor, you can figure out what tasks can be updated to increase your return on investment. Look for better ways to market your business or equipment that fails frequently. Replacing older equipment may take a large initial investment, but can save you money over the long term on repair bills.

Social Media Is Your Friend In Marketing

Social Media Is Your Friend In Marketing

3. Make social media your friend.

Having a well balanced social media presence is going to be key in 2014. Find out which social media platforms your customers are using and focus on building those platforms. Social sites like Google+, Tumblr, and Pinterest are gaining popularity. Just remember that it takes time to build a quality social following, so don’t just put up a few posts and expect to be an overnight Pinterest success.

4. Give your website a make-over.

Review the look of your website. Is it presenting the image that you want your potential customers to see? If not, then consider giving your site a make-over. More importantly, make sure you have a mobile version of your site available. Over 60% of mobile consumers make a purchase via their smartphone.

Many of us fail to follow through on our personal resolutions, but by following these 4 business resolutions you can make 2014 the year of success!

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