2 Big Reasons To Use Social Media In 2014

Posted: December 29, 2013 in Social Media
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Importance Of Social Media In 2014

2014 – The Year To Get Social!

1. People Love To Share

People love to share everything they are doing. From family vacations to the latest thing they bought. And what is part of that? Free advertising for your product, service, or store!

Think of social media as a constantly changing billboard in a virtual city, where people are living a virtual social life. Advertising on this billboard is one of the smartest moves you can make for your small business.

Older Generation Can Use Social Networks

2. People Over The Age Of 50 Is The Fastest Growing Demographic

So if you think that social media is only for the “young folk”, you are wrong. The older generations are getting on board and are using social media to make key decisions. They are looking to see what their family and friends are using, how they are using, and why they are not using a particular product or service.



  • 74% of marketers saw an increase in traffic after spending just 6 hours per week on social media.
  • Pinterest is the fastest growing social network.
  • 68% of Americans say social media impacts their purchasing decisions.
  • 11% of Facebook users are seniors (and it’s growing!).
Statistics from:
Search Engine People


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